How It Works

TMBR makes it easy for you to create your own custom shop and start selling your products within minutes.


You have invested enough already, therefore we will not charge posting fees for your products. Post as many as you want. TMBR deducts a 20% fee from the sale of the item. All transactions are done online and you will receive payment directly into your Stripe account (less our fee).*

*TMBR uses Stripe, an online, secure payment processor. For more information go to In order to use our service, you will need a stripe account to receive payment from your sales.


At TMBR, we value your safety and privacy. All communication and payment transactions take place through the site, eliminating the need to release personal information. All payments are processed through Stripe, an online payment provider. TMBR will never share your payment or personal details.


Shipping costs are included in the total transaction price. The buyer will be provided with the shipping details once the seller has shipped the product. The seller is expected to ship the item within five days business days of the transaction being processed.


TMBR is not responsible for any items sold on this site. If there are any problems with the purchased item, please contact the seller to resolve.