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Every tree has a story...write the next chapter.



This piece of oak has a beautiful fine grain to it. It is also stunningly heavy - creating a piece of furniture that everyone will know is top quality. *dimensions are approximate

American Elm Slab

This slab of American Elm is longer - having a beautiful profile that would create a stunning piece of furniture. *Dimensions are approximate

Birch Cookie

This is an 24 inch birch cookie with beautiful pepper-coloured bark. It has beautiful natural cracks that add character. The discolouration on top is merely a part of the drying process and can easily be sanded off. *dimensions are approximate

Russian Olive Cookie

Gorgeous and thick wood from the heart of a Russian Olive tree. Bark is brown with silvery highlights...not something you find in a wood store! Can be sliced in 2 or 3 sections to create multiple cookies!

American Elm Slab

Got a project that require a river feature? This elm slab has the perfect cracking profile. It is from a 70 year old elm tree and would make a stunning coffee table for the most demanding client *Dimensions are approximate

American Elm Slab

This American Elm slab is a mate to the other beautiful piece in our store. Buy both and make your live edge table even bigger!

American Elm Slab

This slab is almost 3 inches thick, a very solid piece that would make an amazing coffee table! * dimensions are approximate

American Elm Slab

This slab is almost 3 inches thick and has beautiful natural cracks that could be filled with coloured epoxy to make an amazing coffee table. *dimensions are approximate

Heartwood Mill

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About Heartwood Mill's Shop

We are an urban tree reclamation company in Edmonton, Alberta. We mill and dry local tree species, making the products available to craftsman and artisans.

Shipping Details

We typically use Greyhound to ship our products. We personally deliver if the customer is located within a 50 km radius of our city centre. All our products are securely wrapped in plastic wrap prior to final packaging and shipped out within 3 business days. Due to the nature of our products, returns are not accepted.